Street Warrior Education is managed by a Nationally Registered Veteran Critical Care, Nationally Registerd Tactical Paramedic and a Post Graduate Educator. The Site is designed for Communication's Controllers and those Warriors that work in the Streets providing Pre-Hospital Care. This site will benefit those that want to learn the concepts of  patient care that we provide anytime and anywhere. Not only the how to provide but the why and those obstacles that can prevent the best care that you can give. . . . .
Ken Sr
What:  EMS Primary Instructor Class
When: January 16, 2017 to February 27. 2017: (see syllabus)
Where: Huntertown Volunteer FIre Dept.
Cost: $325.00 + Optional Text
Optional Text: Foundations of Education 2nd Ed. by NAEMSE
Registration is open for the 2017 PI Class -->

We Will Using
2002 Natl. Guidelines
For Educating EMS Instructors
As the Guide (see Green Box above-right) (plz print out)
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PI Class Syllabus 2015
PI Class Projects 2015
PI Class Criteria 2015
Indiana PI Class Criteria 2015
PI Class Criteria 2015
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To Register:
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Class sessions are Jan - Feb, but the class final date is July, in order to give you time to take the Basic EMT Written Exam and Skills before the last day of class.